Blue Planet Energy Becomes Public Benefit Corporation & Invites Humanity to ‘Live the Future’

June 8, 2021
2 Min

Blue Planet Energy celebrated its sixth anniversary as a company by reincorporating and rebranding as Blue Planet Energy Systems, Inc. - a Public Benefit Corporation. The benefit corporation designation ensures that our mission is embedded in our company DNA, our very governance documents, using a form of corporation that prioritizes multiple stakeholders in the success of a company. 

As part of our benefit corporation charter, Blue Planet Energy formalizes our commitment to enable and inspire humanity to achieve 100% clean energy for everyone by or before 2045. The company will expand our work to accelerate the transition to clean energy through advancing knowledge, systems, and solutions. Our work aims to not only solve the climate crisis, one of humanity’s greatest challenges but also to generate a more just, equitable society where everyone has access to clean, reliable energy.

Hear from our Founder, Henk Rogers, as he remarks on the journey to six years and spurring a movement for humanity to flourish in harmony with the planet. CEO Chris Johnson next talks about the meaning of becoming a public benefit corporation and the inspiring rebranding:

Live the Future 

To commemorate the transformation of the company, we are also launching a new brand, including our invitation to all: Live the Future. Over the past six years, Blue Planet Energy has supplied our reliable energy products to communities around the world who belong to the collective clean energy future.

In our mission, we’ve strived to ensure renewable resources are available and easily accessible to everyone. We have empowered individuals, communities, and companies to free themselves from fossil fuel dependence. 

To-date, our fleet has delivered over 3.5GWhs of energy reliably. This includes our work with the largest energy resilience project in the U.S., funded by the American Red Cross, and restoring clean water supplies in Puerto Rico. The Basalt Vista net-zero affordable housing project in Colorado is another project example proudly showcasing the future of clean energy. Here microgrids work independently or in collaboration with other homes’ systems for intelligently meeting community energy demand in real-time. 

“As humanity mobilizes to address the climate crisis, we all have a role to play in creating a healthy environment. Our life decisions can accelerate clean technologies into our daily lives,” Johnson concluded,

“We invite humanity to Live the Future every day.”