Our Story

Blue Planet Energy was founded to enable everyone to become energy independent.

Today we’re known for our premier energy storage systems found in homes, businesses, and communities around the world.

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Empowering every person to be energy independent

With our premium energy storage solutions,
explore a future free from fossil fuels.

A future that’s already here.

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Meet our leadership team

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Henk Rogers

Founder & CEO

Henk Rogers is a Dutch-born entrepreneur and clean energy visionary.

After a near-death experience, Henk became inspired to dedicate his life to his missions. His concern over ocean acidification and the resulting destruction of coral reefs led him to his first life mission—to end the use of carbon-based fuels. For the past decade, Rogers has dedicated his passion and resources to climate solutions across policy, technology, and entrepreneurship. One of his most significant win to date has been the Hawaii 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 Mandate.

Ava Gibson

Head of Sales

Ava Gibson’s interest in renewable energy began with her desire to improve the air quality in her home region of Northwest Indiana. Ava, Head of Sales at Blue Planet Energy, brings more than 15 years of experience in cleantech including a vast knowledge in premium energy inverter and storage technologies.  She is highly skilled at leading the Sales Team while also fostering customer relationships and driving sales strategies.  

Ava is an avid trail runner. During her free time, she enjoys outdoor recreational activities, travel, and experiencing new people, places, and cultures.

Michael Menendez

Head of Product

Michael Menendez is an established tech entrepreneur and engineer with startup experience, specializing in design engineering, R&D, leadership, and innovation from paper to product. Michael is the co-founder of the largest free-to-use EV charging network in the US, founder of a vintage automobile restoration company, and creator of the most advanced portable all-terrain electric vehicles in the world.

Michael led grant awarded programs for renewables and disaster relief R&D. He mentored native Hawaiian students in science and engineering by creating a STEAM program aimed to accelerate and inspire under-represented students at his alma mater University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Michael excels at technical and strategic challenges and performing the seemingly impossible. He enjoys free time working on new innovation, fabrication, restoring and building vehicles, renewable energy projects, photography, and adventure!

Romina Arcamone

Head of Operations

Romina Garcia is a skilled product and market strategist with more than eight years of experience in off-grid energy storage. She excels at implementing company growth strategy with high-quality results. With a master's degree in Sustainable International Development, Romina is passionate about making a positive social and environmental impact both personally and professionally.

Romina has been a member of the Steering Committee at Grid Alternatives International Program for more than six years where she helps bring clean energy to rural areas in Nicaragua, Nepal, and Mexico.

Buren Shen

Head of Finance

Buren Shen lead and executes successful setup and implementation of Blue Planet Energy's accounting system.

Buren was born and raised in Shanghai. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Shanghai University of Technology, as well as an MBA and a MAcc from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Buren has held several leadership positions including Director of Finance, General Manager, and CFO. Buren achieved a record EBITDA margin, the highest in its 15-year history and one of his many professional accomplishments.

During his free time, Buuren likes to hike in the Hawaiian sunshine as well as travel. You can regularly find him at church on Sundays.  

Story of our logo

With our planet on the way to a population of 10 billion people, we simply cannot waste resources. Humans must make the shift to circular processes. The burning of fossil fuels for energy creates enormous amounts of carbon dioxide as a waste product, with catastrophic consequences.

Blue Planet Energy strives to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels and enable affordable, reliable clean energy. The logo represents the tension between our current wasteful systems and the desire to complete the circle through innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and dedication.

The Japanese artist Sisyu captured this dynamic tension beautifully in our logo. Sisyu is a calligraphy artist recognized by the Japanese government. Her work combines the traditional calligraphy art form with a new perspective and has been displayed at the Louvre and been recognized with many prestigious awards.

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Blue Planet Energy

55 Merchant Street, 17th Floor | Honolulu, HI 96813