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Looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or constructing scalable commercial facilities? Our products support your quest for freedom and flexibility.

Developing energy resilience projects in your community? Our experienced team of experts is committed to helping you keep critical services up and running.

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All energy is not created equal. Sources such as solar are becoming more accessible, yet they have their challenges.

Whether on or off grid, our products are safe, reliable, and powerful. They are built in the USA to meet your needs – and the planet’s.
Blue Ion HI
Safe and reliable with on and off grid options, Blue Ion HI uses a safe battery chemistry that can’t overheat. The system is flexible enough to power your home, small business, or critical infrastructure.
Blue Ion LX
Rugged and thoughtfully engineered with on and off grid options, the Blue Ion LX powers heavy duty machinery, production and commercial grade facilities. The integrated system is safe and provides continuous power to support critical business operations.
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