Surpassing Multiple Significant Milestones, Blue Planet Energy Enables Humanity to ‘Live the Future’ Free of Fossil Fuel Dependency

December 14, 2021
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New innovative energy storage products and microgrid financing offering underscore company market traction in 2021

HONOLULU, December 14, 2021 – Blue Planet Energy's commitment to the collective clean energy future accelerated in 2021, reducing dependency on fossil fuels for a range of new customers in expanding geographies. Enabling energy independence for homes, businesses, and communities, the company now has multiple projects over 1MWh in size underway as well as marquee decarbonization projects that displace polluting diesel generators for the military, remote Alaskan villages, and communities in Central America.

The company also expanded its premium offerings in 2021 with the introduction of the new Blue Ion HI battery system, the intuitive monitoring and controls platform Nāmaka, as well as novel zero-money down commercial financing. Additionally, Blue Planet Energy became a designated Public Benefit Corporation to further embody its mission into the DNA of the business and celebrated the expansion of its operational footprint with the opening of new training, service, and R&D facility in Richmond, CA.

“Throughout 2021 we’ve remained inspired by humanity mobilizing to address the climate crisis and building reliable global energy infrastructure,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Blue Planet Energy. “Since founding, Blue Planet Energy has strived to empower individuals and communities with technology that encourages renewable resources over fossil fuels. We continue to see that not only are the economics better, but local energy resources can provide the reliability and resilience that centralized fossil fuels simply cannot. Our work over the last year continues to make that vision a reality.”  

Clean Energy Innovation

In 2021, Blue Planet Energy further advanced energy storage adoption through market-leading technology and an innovative finance offering. Purposefully engineered to minimize system footprint and streamline installation, the company’s new stackable, maintenance-free Blue Ion HI ensures reliable power delivery, on or off-grid.

Blue Planet Energy launched its Nāmaka communications platform to seamlessly integrate battery storage with existing on-site energy systems; enable fleet management, monitoring and controls; and distill aggregate performance data into intuitive, actionable information. Nāmaka comes standard with all Blue Ion HI systems and is available for retrofit to the existing fleet of Blue Ion 2.0 installations.

The company also debuted a first-of-its-kind hybrid power purchase agreement (hPPA) for clean energy microgrids. Addressing a key challenge to adoption by offering zero-money-down financing, clean energy microgrids ensure business continuity for companies and critical infrastructure negatively impacted by PSPS (public safety power shutoff) events or other grid outages that prevent community services.

Flagship Blue Ion Deployments

A proliferation of Blue Planet Energy battery storage systems throughout the year included Kona Rainforest Coffee, an eighty-acre, off-grid farm in South Kona, Hawaii, on a mission to fully power operations with clean energy in alignment with their core company principle of sustainability. A net-zero microgrid for the Oregon Military Department was developed with the addition of a Blue Ion LX system to slash generator dependency by half and enable the use of on-site solar power during grid outages.

Supporting education of the nation’s clean energy workforce, Blue Planet Energy’s donation program expanded to projects with organizations such as the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and Solar Energy International, which provide hands-on technical training to installers and energy contractors.

Company Transformation

Blue Planet Energy celebrated its sixth anniversary by reincorporating as Blue Planet Energy Systems, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation. The benefit corporation designation formalizes the company’s mission within its governing documents and publicly proclaims its commitment to enabling 100 percent clean energy by or before 2045. With this also came a corporate rebrand and invitation for all to Live the Future free of fossil fuel dependence.  

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