Sol-Lux Alpha Building-Passive Certification in the Heart of San Francisco

The Sol-Lux Alpha building is the first multi-residential building in the US to achieve “Passive House” certification. This modern apartment building also features renewable energy systems that provide the urban dwellers the possibility of 100% grid independence. This construction includes solar and storage, making it energy independent right in the heart of the Mission district of San Francisco.

Blue Planet Energy Join us for a tour of the Sol-lux Alpha Building Featuring Blue Ion Batteries from Blue Planet Energy

Commercial Building Solar+Storage with Blue Ion

This six-story building was developed by co-owners, Lloyd Klein and John Sarter, as an example of modern-day green city living. The building powers itself from an elegant roof solar array and stores all of its excess energy in a series of energy storage systems. The building can isolate itself from the grid and create its own microgrid. As Sarter points out, “if the electrical grid of the city goes down, the building will stay powered.” Each unit and the common space has their own separate resiliency setup. In the common space, which includes lights and a 3-phase elevator, a pair of Blue Ion 2.0 does the heavy lifting to power the loads. Our battery system provides the residents with the safest, most reliable energy for the largest electrical loads to ensure residents never experience the inconvenience of an electrical outage.

Grid-Independent Luxury Living

Aside from its status as a fossil-fuel-free, net-zero energy, carbon neutral multi-residence building, SolLux Alpha also embraces a luxurious architectural and interior design. The apartments are decked with state-of-the-art smart technology that is also sparing on energy use along with well thought out details chosen by the co-owners such as custom cabinets and Calacatta marble.

Tour the Facility During InterSolar 2018

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to visit this property, please sign up for our open house scheduled for July 9, 2018. You can sign up here for the event.

We will have several members of the Blue Planet Energy team on site to provide you with a grand tour of the building.

You can download our Sol-Lux Alpha case study here for more details.