What’s the easiest way to speed up installation of solar systems?

March 22, 2020
2 Min

By Solar Power WorldRead the full article on their website here. Continuing education is important in all industries, especially solar. As technologies evolve, new installation techniques arise to make solar systems safer and more efficient. The best place to learn these new skills is often at tradeshows and conferences when more industry peers are together to exchange tips and tricks.On account of coronavirus halting gatherings for a while, we reached out to the would-be presenters at the NABCEP Continuing Education conference for their best advice on three questions:

  • What’s the easiest way to speed up installation of solar systems?
  • What’s the most common installation error in a solar or battery installation?
  • What’s the best way for installers to improve customer satisfaction?

...“As use cases for solar + storage become more complex, it becomes more important to utilize software in both the design stage and the ultimate operation of the system. When the use case was a remote cabin, pencil and paper could do an adequate design job. In a grid-connected facility with PV, a generator, a BESS, controllable loads, backup power for a subset of loads, and a desire to peak shave and load shift — design software and an energy management system (EMS) are vital. Modern design software creates a virtual twin of the system, simulates a year (or more) of operation, and allows iterations of variables to zero in on an optimized system. Try that with a pencil and paper.”-Wesley Kennedy, Systems Engineering Specialist, Blue Planet Energy