Solar-Plus-Storage Microgrids: Why They Work for California Businesses

June 22, 2022
5 Min

As we've seen in the past few years, utilities can turn off your power at will for days at a time, whether to try to prevent wildfires or due to their inability to handle excessive weather events. The Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) events of 2019 not only left millions of Californians without electricity for weeks but also sparked questions of what’s to come if climate conditions continue to worsen and our reliance on an unreliable electric grid remains the same. 

Three years later, hundreds of thousands of Californians are still experiencing PSPS events. Because these outages are a costly burden to businesses and communities across the state – with studies estimating retail businesses can lose $300,000 to $5 million per day without power – we’re revisiting the role of microgrids in maintaining business continuity.   

For the essential businesses tasked with keeping communities running, closing the doors simply isn’t an option. California’s business owners need reliable, budget-friendly solutions to avoid the sweeping consequences of grid disruptions, even when traditional energy resources are offline. 

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind for your business during grid outages, or you’re committed to reaching your business sustainability goals, business owners can achieve meaningful economic and environmental results from a solar-plus-storage microgrid.

Let’s take a look at these clean energy systems and the benefits they unlock. 

The How and Why of Solar-Plus-Storage Microgrids

In these resilient energy systems, business owners can generate (at least a portion of) their own energy with solar panels, storing the excess in batteries for use at a later time. 

A “grid-tied” solar-plus-storage microgrid means your system is still connected to the utility grid (Image: Energy Sage)

With a solar-plus-storage microgrid, your business may still be connected to the grid and drawing power from it as needed. However, these resilient systems can “island,” meaning when the grid goes down for any reason, uninterrupted energy still flows to your critical business operations. 

With a Blue Planet Energy solar-plus-storage microgrid, a variety of energy sources can be integrated into the system. This includes clean energy and traditional options, like a generator. The integrated intelligence inside a Blue Planet Energy system will automatically optimize using clean energy sources, and the grid and generators become last resorts.

Once up and running, California business can realize the benefits of living the future of clean energy through microgrids with:


Solar-plus-storage microgrids deliver reliable, clean power, day or night, even during times of grid disruption. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with business continuity. 

Lower Energy Costs

Businesses can see immediate and long-term savings by making the switch to clean energy and battery storage. And these savings are more stable than the regular rate increases from the electric utility.

Enhanced Sustainability

Adopting a clean energy system can significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint – excellent news for the planet and for your brand.

Partnering with Blue Planet Energy

When you’re making a decision that will have a lasting financial impact on your business, consider the importance of connecting with an experienced guide through the journey. Here are just a few of the reasons why California businesses proudly join the Blue Planet Energy ‘ohana.

Safe, Reliable Blue Ion Technology

Our products are certified to the highest standards of safety, and they’re built to power your business for decades to come. 

Unique Zero-Down Financing

For California business owners, we’ll guide you through understanding our Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA), which provides access to solar-plus-storage microgrids with no capital outlay and generates immediate savings.

Intelligent System Operations

Not an energy expert? No problem. Blue Planet Energy’s solutions feature embedded intelligence to automatically capture electricity for use when it’s needed most. Our microgrid controller touchscreen and web interface are designed to be both intuitive and informative.

Environmentally Responsible

We’re serious about our responsibility to the environment. Our lithium ferrous phosphate batteries are both non-toxic and conflict-free while also outperforming and lasting longer than competing solutions.

Available Now

Our products are made in the USA and ready to ship on a timeline that works for your business.

Energy Independence at Work for California Business

Santa Cruz business pays $0 in utility bills after investing in a microgrid to power its operations

Blue Planet Energy is a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner to business owners looking to fortify their operations and slash energy bills – but don’t just take our word for it. The team has experience with hundreds of commercial microgrids, including a solar-plus-storage system for the U.S. Army’s Oregon Military Department and a 100 percent off-grid microgrid for Kona Rainforest Coffee in Hawaii.   

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to the Blue Planet Energy team today to discuss your clean energy options and eligibility for zero-down system financing.