Powering Green Builder Media’s Mariposa Meadows VISION House Project

September 8, 2022
3 Min

Green Builder® Media’s VISION House Series explores the boundaries of environmental sustainability and architectural innovation, demonstrating how to build beautiful, high-performing homes across the country. The VISION House Series has come to life in places from Scottsdale to Seattle, and now Green Builder is adding to its legacy with a new VISION House project in Hinsdale County, Colorado.

The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows, a stunning compound 10,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado near Telluride, is nearly complete. Like Green Builder’s other VISION House Projects, Mariposa Meadows features site-specific solutions for key green building issues including energy efficiency, water conservation, land use and orientation, waste management, indoor environment quality, and products and materials.

Big Vision, Small Footprint

Located in the majestically wild and pristine Gunnison National Forest, the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows is deliberately designed by the Green Builder team to leave as light of a footprint on the ecosystem as possible. 

This off-grid, net-zero compound demonstrates the art of what is possible, leaning heavily on products and materials that are cost-effective, resilient and high-performance all while offering a small footprint. Critical to the project’s success was selecting products and designs capable of matching the often extreme conditions of Southwestern Colorado.

“Some of the high-performance materials we selected had a higher upfront cost than conventional products, but if we’re just using the lowest upfront cost as our valuation metric, we’re missing the point,” said Ron Jones, President of Green Builder Media and owner and builder of VISION House at Mariposa Meadows. “Everything we’re featuring at Mariposa Meadows has been intentionally chosen to optimize the energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, intelligence, and resiliency of the compound, which will not only enhance the performance and comfort of the structures, but also yield substantial cost savings over time.”

Everything to date has even been built so precisely that construction is net zero-waste. 

Off-Grid Energy Efficiency

Since Mariposa Meadows’ closest grid infrastructure is nearly 20 miles away, self-sufficiency is necessary.

Blue Planet Energy has proudly contributed its Blue Ion HI battery storage system to Mariposa Meadows, which will be paired with a JinkoSolar solar array and Schneider Electric inverters to provide 100 percent renewable energy to the property. 

The super-efficient building envelope systems, mechanical systems, lighting and appliances were all chosen with energy demand minimization in mind, and the Green Builder team is confident that the products will perform without overloading the solar array and battery system.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Blue Planet Energy on the VISION Houseat Mariposa Meadows project,” said Sara Gutterman, CEO Green Builder Media. “The Blue IonHI battery is the perfect fit for our off-grid application. We are confident that the battery, coupledwith Jinko’s bifacial solar panels and Schneider Electric’s inverter system, will provide secure,reliable renewable energy that will enable the project to be net zero energy and carbon.”

Impressive House Features

When it came to designing and building the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows, no detail was too small.  

The project’s three structures – Aspen Cabin, Atrium Duet, and Iris Studio – feature foundations constructed from insulated concrete forms while the walls and roofs are made from structural insulated panels to provide extreme energy efficiency and durability. The project also features a fiber cement siding and trim that is not only fire resistant, but also eliminates cracking or peeling. 

A standing seam metal roof from Fabral was chosen for its wildfire risk mitigation, resiliency, and energy efficiency properties; Euroline Windows’ products boast tilt-and-turn hardware for controlled ventilation; and the Clopay garage door integrates Intellicore insulation technology that helps keep the heat inside and protects against 100 mph winds.

An in-floor radiant heating system, indoor energy recovery ventilators, and fire suppression system are also all unique to the project.

Blueprint for the Future 

While the innovation and attention to detail used to build Mariposa Meadows and Green Builder’s entire portfolio of VISION Houses may seem futuristic, the true beauty of these projects is that they are replicable and attainable for homeowners.  

Every product selected is based on market availability and best long-term economic value, meaning homeowners across the country – whether they’re undergoing a new build or considering renovations – can invest in sustainable improvements just like those at the beautiful Mariposa Meadows. 

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