Innovación Solar Teams Up with Blue Planet Energy to Bring BlueWave Home Battery System to Mexico

November 30, 2023
2 Min

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Nov. 30, 2023 - Innovación Solar, the leading provider of storage and power solutions in Mexico, is teaming up with Blue Planet Energy as an official distribution partner for the innovative new residential battery system, the BlueWave.

As Mexico's leading Blue Planet Energy partner, Innovación Solar chooses to use Blue Ion™ systems in the vast majority of their projects looking for safe and reliable energy, and the new BlueWave home battery system signifies a crucial stride towards accessible, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions for households in Mexico.

The BlueWave is the first fully modular, all-in-one home battery system on the market that just one person can install in less than one hour. Pre-wired and scalable, with energy storage capacities ranging from 3kWh to 51kWh, BlueWave's modular system suits the requirements of different homes.

Aligning with Blue Planet Energy’s mission, Innovación Solar aims to propel Mexico towards achieving 100% energy independence. 

"Innovación Solar is dedicated to realizing an audacious goal: making Mexico entirely energy independent. Achieving this goal must be done the right way using the very best technology that outlasts all other similar battery chemistries, providing resilience and peace of mind," stated Francisco J Vargas, Chief Operating Officer of Innovación Solar.

“Blue Planet Energy is that imminent solution that has allowed us to pursue such a tenacious goal, but in some cases, it has not fit all markets. Now, BlueWave will come to fill those missing gaps and allow a larger percentage of the population to power up and help the world shorten the curve towards eliminating the use of all fossil fuel sources and proudly claim energy independence,” Vargas added.

Blue Planet Energy began with energy independence for all and hailed the continued partnership as a giant step toward that goal.

“Blue Planet Energy is proud to partner with companies like Innovación Solar. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a greener, more resilient energy future for Mexico,” said Romina Arcamone Garcia, Head of Operations of Blue Planet Energy.

The BlueWave is now available to order with deliveries in Q1 2024. To learn more about BlueWave, visit To learn more about Innovación Solar or to order, visit

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