Exclusive look at Blue Ion LX, a high-voltage commercial microgrid solution from Blue Planet Energy

May 10, 2020
2 Min

Read the full article on Solar Builder Magazine here.

By Chris Cowell

The Blue Ion LX from Blue Planet Energy is a collection of technologies aimed at providing a complete commercial storage microgrid solution – including a battery inverter, LFP batteries, an integrated microgrid controller from Ageto Energy, and a specially made enclosure built at Peerless-AV, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of audio and video solutions in Chicago.On this episode of the Pitch, Ben Widmer from Blue Planet Energy explains the ins and outs of the system, including:

• The big solar + storage/microgrid segment issues this solves

• The fire safety of the system

• The expandability and future-proofability of the system

• Cool installation and maintenance perks like the zero-displacement door hinge.