Blue Planet Energy Joins Industry Leaders in Growing Renewable Energy Industry

November 20, 2017
2 Min
Blue Planet Energy Logo and California Solar Energy Industries Association  CAL

Blue Planet Energy has become a new member of the nation’s largest state solar power trade association, California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).“We are proud to have Blue Planet Energy join CALSEIA to support its mission of expanding the use of clean, renewable technologies throughout the state. CALSEIA members are recognized as being true leaders in the California market as they promote high standards within the industry and advocate fair policies for solar consumers. We look forward to working closely with Blue Planet Energy in continuing this work,” says Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director of CALSEIA. Blue Planet Energy is leading the way to a new era in renewable energy through super-high performance energy storage systems that make energy awareness delightful. The commitment to produce reliable clean energy is backed by its team of experts and the recent launch of the Blue Ion 2.0 battery system engineered to be the fastest, most efficient installation. The battery systems are being deployed around the US in the market residential and commercial space for off-grid, backup, and self-supply use. As opposed to most Lithium-based batteries, the Blue Ion is a safe lithium chemistry based in Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) that eliminates the use of hazardous materials with the risk of thermal runaway. Backed with one of the best performance warranties available, Blue Ion's safety, reliability, and compact size, makes it easy to install in any home. All systems include advanced monitoring through a web and mobile app that allows users to monitor their energy use remotely and efficiently. The Blue Ion battery system was engineered to transform the clean energy market and is made available through its network of certified dealers.“We are very excited to join the driving workforce for progress in the solar industry better known as CALSEIA” said Kyle Bolger, Blue Planet Energy’s VP of Engineering and Product Development and longtime advocate of CALSEIA’s policies. “CALSEIA repeatedly picks the right battles and wins them on behalf of the contractors and entrepreneurs that are fighting to bring renewable energy solutions to our communities. The tireless policy level work that CALSEIA has performed in the background along with its focus on public consumer advocacy is setting the standard for the rest of the country to follow.” Bolger further added, “We look forward to a long relationship with CALSEIA to change the way we power the world.”Blue Planet Energy joins CALSEIA after being carefully vetted and approved through the association’s application process, which ensures member companies adhere to industry best practices.Founded in 1977, CALSEIA, the California Solar Energy Industries Association, represents manufacturers, installers, financiers, and distributors of solar and storage products and related technologies throughout the state.Blue Planet Energy was launched in 2015 with the mission to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels and power the world with clean, reliable, affordable energy. We are changing the way we power the world through super-high performance energy storage systems that make energy awareness delightful. Through years of research and testing at our advanced energy research lab on the Big Island of Hawaii, we created the safest, most powerful energy storage product that also provides the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. We manufacture the Blue Ion battery systems - designed to be the fastest, most efficient installation - and make them available through our certified dealer network.