2021 Battery Showcase for Solar Installers

July 7, 2021
2 min

Not all batteries are created equal, and not all batteries make sense – in capabilities or price point – for every customer. To help sort among your options, this Battery Showcase provides a snapshot of what several of the top battery suppliers are offering in the residential and small commercial segments right now.

Blue Planet Energy

Name: Blue Ion HI
Chemistry specifics: Lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP)
Applications: Resi and C&I

Blue Ion HI is Blue Planet Energy’s premium battery system for those who desire a flexible and superior energy storage experience. As a universal pairing for any 48-volt battery-based inverter, the Blue Ion HI effortlessly accommodates energy storage from a variety of sources, including solar PV, the utility grid, generators, and more. Thoughtfully designed, Blue Ion HI boasts intuitive features that dramatically simplify installation, including removable panels for easy internal access, a specially designed racking system for precise battery module installation, and proprietary conduit knockouts for a no-drill process. Like all Blue Planet Energy solutions, Blue Ion Technology delivers safety through a benign battery chemistry and an intelligent architecture with an unmatched 15-year performance warranty. Blue Ion HI is proudly built in the USA and deployed around the planet for grid-optional energy storage applications that support decarbonization and electrification goals.

Key Specs

  1. non-toxic LFP battery chemistry
  2. 15-year performance warranty (8,000 cycles/100% DoD)
  3. UL9540a listed
  4. Capacities of 8 kWh, 12 kWh, and 16 kWh
  5. High-power 8kW continuous performance

Commonly paired with: All leading inverters, such as SolArk, SMA, Outback, Schneider, etc.

Warranty: 15-year performance warranty


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