Life Edited Maui: Luxury Living, Grid Independence

Graham Hill’s LifeEdited Maui house makes real a passion for a sustainable lifestyle, design simplicity, and creative ways to use small spaces. This two-story 1,000 square foot home is breathtakingly beautiful and also engineered to produce more energy than it uses with the help of the Blue Ion battery system from Blue Planet Energy. Hill was committed to having a fully functional off-grid dream house that didn’t compromise his lifestyle or commitment to achieving a light footprint on the environment.

House in the dark with blue ion battery light

“Despite being a longtime environmentalist, I had no idea how great it would feel to be living on solar energy! There’s something really cool about it and I love that I know I have the best batteries on the market…besides having great performance and looking terrific, they’re also the safest and the longest lasting. Combined with my practically invisible thin film Sunflare roof panels, I am able to live in the future, now,” Hill enthusiastically shares.

Bikes next to a battery system

Fossil-Fuel Free with Blue Ion

Hill’s vision of building his off-grid, luxurious home was achieved in partnership with the Certified Blue Ion Dealer, Hawaii Off-Grid. David Sellers of Hawaii Off-Grid and Hill selected Blue Planet Energy as the home’s energy storage provider for the company’s superior battery product and shared vision of powering Hawai’i with 100% clean energy. The metal roof of this off-grid home integrates over 10 kW of solar and excess energy is captured in 48 kilowatt-hours of energy storage from Blue Ion 2.0. Hill also charges his electric bikes and converted electric cars on the system. The Blue Ion system provides the performance, safety, and reliability needed to meet the demands of this off-grid home. Life Edited Maui breaks the mold on what off-grid living can look like!

“We are presenting a vision of the future that is sustainable, resilient and frankly, awesome. With as much as 70% of global carbon emissions tied to building, operating and furnishing buildings, the project is a firsthand representation of how we can reshape our future starting with life at home. LifeEdited:Maui directly demonstrates how we can inhabit the planet balancing both human and environmental needs. A prime example of this is our ‘73 VW ‘Thing’; we love the design of old cars, but we don’t like their gas consumption. So, we bought a conversion kit and transformed it into a high performance electric car that now runs off the sun.” comments LifeEdited founder, Graham Hill

Customer Profile
Location Maui
Generation 10.2 kW SunFlare PV Modules
Storage 48 kWh Blue Ion 2.0 battery bank
System 8 Flex Max Charge controllers
Operational March 2018

Blue Ion: Simple, Elegant Off-Grid Living

When living off the grid, batteries are key. Homeowners don’t want to be worried about whether or not that will work each night or have to maintain them regularly. Blue Ion made an obvious choice for the project, with the plenty of power to handle Hill’s social life at the property while providing long life, safety, and zero maintenance. “Hawaii Off Grid is a proud dealer of Blue Ion, by far the best battery on the market,” said David Sellers. “Blue Planet Energy provides great support and the app makes it easy for home owners to interact with and understand their energy system. LifeEdited Maui was a natural fit for Blue Ion, cutting edge technology with style.”

Green Building Style that Makes a Splash

Hill’s innovative design vision has led to much interest locally and internationally in this new example of green building. The Life Edited Maui project was featured in the New York Times and also covered in LifeEdited Maui. You can take a deeper dive into the features of the house in the Life Edited photo gallery.

For more information or details about this project, please download our LifeEdited Maui Case Study by clicking on the image below.

Luxury Living with the Blue Ion. Grid Freedom, modern comfort