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VIDASOUL, a remote and eco-friendly beachside boutique hotel near Cabo Pulmo encourages their guests to be conscious while practicing what they preach. The sustainable destination operates with its solar-plus-storage system and has recently expanded its energy storage capacity.

System Snapshot

Battery System

48 kWh total capacity (1) Blue Ion HI, 16 kW (2) Blue Ion 2.0, 32 kWh



Innovacion Solar

Power Conversion

5 - Schneider Conext XW PRO-6.8

Solar Integration

14.435 kWp Solar Array 20 - Sharp (235W) 9 - JinKo (455W) 12 - SunPower (470W)

Project Details

Project Name





Blue Ion™ HI

Site Location

Baja California Sur, Mexico



Project type





The Challenge

The off-grid property with its ideal location has been in operation for almost 20 years, attracting many divers, adventure seekers, and those looking for a warm getaway. Offering an intimate space with 18 rooms, a restaurant, bar, and beachside pool, VIDASOUL needed a solution that would provide uninterrupted power while aligning with their earth-concious mission.

Energy Solution

It wasn't until VIDASOUL consulted with energy experts, Innovacon Solar, and installed better battery technology that they experienced a reliable, state-of-the-art system. In 2018, VIDASOUL implemented 32 kWh of the Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion 2.0 energy storage system. Experiencing the performance of the system along with new energy needs, VIDASOUL decided to expand its energy storage system in 2023 with a 16 kWh Blue Ion HI.
“Being completely off-grid, we needed a reliable solution. We are familiar with Blue Planet Energy’s high-quality and long-lasting technology so it was a no-brainer to choose the Blue Ion HI for this project. They have the most efficient, safe, and reliable energy storage system available on the market that could truly establish the way we will transition towards grid independence and our shared mission to end the use of carbon base fuels.”
Francisco Vargas, COO Innovacion Solar
Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion LX, 384 kWh total capacityShungnak, Alaska student tour and learn about the energy microgrid

Closing Thoughts

In such a remote location and area that is expected to see massive growth in the coming years, VIDASOUL needed dependable power and options for expandability as their business grows. Now with their safe, efficient, and reliable power source they have just that- a low cost production of energy all year long with no power disruptions and room to increase their energy capacity. A model and inspiration to the hotel industry to be more environmentally conscious, VIDASOUL with its solar plus storage system, is soaking up the sun (literally) and achieving energy independence.

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