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Enclave One

Blue Planet Energy highlights the benefits of solar-plus-storage systems for homeowners in this project. The focus is on improved energy security, reduced dependence on the grid, and increased savings that homeowners can achieve by incorporating these systems into their homes. The project features testimonials from homeowners who have implemented the systems, showcasing the real-world impact of this technology.

System Snapshot

Battery System

(4) Blue Ion 2.0 16 kWh, 64 kWh Total Capacity


12kW Generac



Power Conversion

(4) SolArk 12kW Inverters

Solar Integration

44kWdc Solar Array

Project Details

Project Name

Enclave One



Blue Ion™ 2.0

Site Location

Dorado, Puerto Rico


Project type



Self-Consumption, Solar-Plus-Storage System

Enclave One

The Challenge

The objective of the project was to demonstrate the benefits of solar-plus-storage systems for homeowners and to illustrate the real-world impact of this technology. The problem addressed was the need for a cleaner, more reliable source of energy for homeowners, and the need for a solution that would reduce dependence on the grid and save money on energy bills.

Energy Solution

The solution discussed in the project is the implementation of solar-plus-storage systems in homeowners' homes. These systems consist of solar panels and energy storage systems, which allow homeowners to generate their own clean, renewable energy and store it for use during power outages.
“After installing a solar array and Blue Planet Energy storage system, the Wadsworths now save over $18,000 a year in electricity.”
Alfredo Uriarte, reSOLient

After moving to Puerto Rico, the homeowners experienced firsthand the country’s expensive yet unstable electric grid. Having relied on a generator for four years, the homeowner wanted a permanent solution that reduced electricity costs and ensured the house always remained powered.

With exorbitant energy prices and an unreliable electric grid, most Puerto Rico residents end up overpaying for electricity that often never reaches their house. In efforts to save money and gain stability, and further avoid prolonged power outages like those caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, many families are seeking alternative energy sources like solar PV and battery storage to generate their own reliable energy at a fraction of the cost.

Homeowners of the Enclave project invested in a solar-plus-battery system to become energy resilient and gain peace of mind knowing that their household would always have power, even if a catastrophic event like Hurricane Maria happens again. While the family previously used a standard generator for backup power, the solar-plus-storage system replaces their everyday need for the generator and ultimately saves additional gas and maintenance required for ongoing generator use. Then, in the event of prolonged outages, the homeowners can still use their generator to charge the battery system.

This new energy independence, coupled with significant monetary savings, is a win-win for the
homeowner, and their contributions toward a healthier environment are a powerful bonus.

“By combining solar with batteries, the homeowners now save over $18,000 a year in electricity.”
Alfredo Uriarte, reSOLient
64kWh Blue Ion 2.0 energy storage system

Performance, Safety & Reliability: the Complete Package

The homeowner's first step toward energy independence began by selecting local renewable energy provider, reSOLient, to install rooftop solar with an accompanying battery storage system. While the rooftop solar allowed the homeowner to leverage the sun to generate and use their own electricity during the day, the batteries then store excess energy to be used later as needed, both at night as well as when the power grid goes down.

The 44kWdc solar array consists of Znshine 380 Mono Panels, Sol Ark inverters, and Unirac racking, and when the time came to choose a battery provider, the homeowners immediately recognized the durability and warranty of Blue Planet Energy batteries over other solutions. Backed by an unmatched 15-year performance warranty, Blue Ion 2.0 delivers the highest quality energy storage solution on the market and boasts an extended life expectancy and rapid recharge.

Also considered was Blue Planet Energy’s use of lithium ferrous phosphate, the safest phosphate chemistry available. Given Puerto Rico’s hot climate, eliminating fire and safety risks was extremely important and made Blue Ion 2.0 the ideal choice for the home. Blue Planet Energy’s success across Puerto Rico and Hawaii proved Blue Ion 2.0 batteries could easily withstand fluctuating and extreme island environments.

Additionally, the robustness of the Blue Ion 2.0 and Sol Ark combination also offered the homeowner confidence that they can easily manage all of the household’s energy loads, should blackouts occur. So to complete the system, reSOLient installed four 16 kWh Blue Ion 2.0 batteries for a total energy capacity of 64 kWh.

“Blue Ion was instrumental in the design of the system, helping both us and our customer to identify the right inverter solution to meet the project requirements. They were also very supportive during the commissioning process to ensure the installation was completed successfully,” explained Alfredo Uriarte, installer at reSOLient.  

44kWdc Solar Array

Investment Yields Long-Term Savings

The system was also designed for the Sol Ark inverters to automatically start the generator if the battery bank reached protection levels. Though integrating the generator to the inverters posed a few initial challenges, reSOLient worked directly with Blue Planet Energy and Generac to rewire the transfer switch and connect the equipment.

With their system now fully installed, the homeowner is projected to save over $18,000 a year on their electricity bills and has gained peace of mind knowing they are protected by a reliable, clean energy source whenever the power goes out. The homeowners are also reducing their carbon emission footprint by 64 tons a year, helping to protect the climate and improve air quality.  

Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion LX, 384 kWh total capacityShungnak, Alaska student tour and learn about the energy microgrid

Closing Thoughts

The project emphasizes the importance of investing in clean, renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable and resilient energy future. The testimonials from homeowners who have implemented solar-plus-storage systems highlight the real-world impact of this technology, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to generate and store one's own energy. Overall, the project showcases the benefits of solar-plus-storage systems for homeowners and underscores the importance of investing in clean, renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

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