Blue Ion System Powers Remote Research Facility in Utah

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Utah Valley University Capitol Reef Research Facility is located in south-central Utah in the heart of red rock country in the remote Capitol Reef National Park. Miles away from the central power grid, the only option for this place-based learning center and scholarly research facility was to go off the grid when it was built in 2009. High-quality storage is necessary when operating off the grid and we congratulate Utah Valley University for upgrading to the super-high performance Blue Ion energy storage!

Blue 5 Ion Batteries installed

From Lead-Acid Batteries to Clean Blue Ion Batteries

The university chose a trusted local installer, Gardner Energy, to install a 14 KW solar array and a 130 kWh lead acid battery system in 2009. The lead-acid battery system was oversized by 80% in order to protect the batteries from failing. Oversizing the lead acid battery system enabled it to last almost 8 years, but even with the required regular maintenance, lead-acid batteries require replacement frequently. The lead acid battery system leaked and caused significant damage to the floor and wall. When it came time for a replacement, Gardner Energy wanted a safer, lower maintenance battery option.

Customer Profile
Location South-central Utah
Generation 14kW solar array
Storage 72 kWh of Blue Ion
System DC Coupled off-grid
Operational October 2017

Gardner Energy Explains Why Choose The Blue Ion Energy System

Gardner Energy was very excited to install the Blue Ion system for Utah Valley University. Not only did it remove the need to deal with hazardous acid, they were also able to drop the necessary storage size by 80%, saving the University money, space, and maintenance costs. The Blue Ion 2.0’s remarkably simple installation process took the team – from the back of the truck to ready to power up – one hour for all 5 enclosures! The Blue Ion system will continue to save the University money over the 21 year lifetime with no need for maintenance.