Beautiful Off-Grid Home in Hawaii Powered by Blue Ion 2.0

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Limitations of Lead-Acid Batteries

When lead-acid batteries die, they go quickly. And while all off-grid homes should have a backup source of power, such as a generator, to weather brief outages, getting a new, reliable battery in place is an urgent issue, such as the case with a home in Pepe’ekeo where the batteries died after less than three years.

Blue Ion: A Better Alternative to Lead-Acid Batteries

Ana and Ed Cahill are homeowners in Pepe’ekeo, Hawaii, and they urgently needed to replace their depleted lead-acid batteries. Through our educational webinar that goes over the benefits of upgrading to a Safe Lithium LiFePO4 battery, they had decided that the Blue Ion would be the best choice. In addition to improved safety, the Blue Ion also provides a lower cost battery solution, when compared to their old lead-acid batteries.

Customer Profile
Location Pepe’ekeo,Hawaii
Generation 8 kW solar
Storage 16 kWh Blue Ion 2.0
System DC Coupled off-grid
Operational November 2017

Blue Ion: Built for Simple Installation and Lower Maintenance

Ana and Ed’s situation was a timely one — their batteries had all died and the Big Island was going to be hit with a big storm of 20 inches of rain. At this point, the Cahills were on a generator 24 hours, and their need to replace their battery system was critical. Thanks to the responsive efforts of local certified dealer, Yamamoto Electrical Services and the easy installation process of the Blue Ion, a 16kWh Blue Ion battery system was installed and immediately restored their entire home’s energy needs.

Blue Planet Energy Ana and Ed Cahill's Home Pepe'eko, Hawaii

Blue Ion: Makes Off-Grid Living in Hawaii Delightful

We seek to delight our customers and we love to see how excited customers are when they use our product. Ana wrote us to share: “We are sooooo excited with our Blue Planet Energy battery! I’m already hooked on the app watching the activity!”, Ana enthusiastically wrote, referring to our Blue Ion app.

Ana further added:

“The app utilized to monitor the battery is extremely useful, informative and convenient. This capability allows us to better control our situation during rainy events and watch the charge levels so that we can choose a convenient time to turn on our generator. It’s quite the luxury to check it right from bed and know instantly the charge status. Another advantage of the Blue Planet Energy app is that we can also monitor it from afar when we are traveling to the mainland. This enable us to alert our pet/home sitter of any concerns with the battery storage.”

“Furthermore”, she stated,”the manufacturer can also monitor our battery and troubleshoot if necessary. “

Ana also added, “Thank you for the expertise you showed us so that we could make a more informed decision. The fact that the manufacturing plant is in our home state of Hawaii makes an even more exciting product. We like to support good quality local products whenever possible and we are proud that this battery is “Made in Hawaii”! Keep up the good work! Aloha for now! –Ana and Ed”

Delighted Customers & Delightful Energy Awareness

Blue Planet Energy is changing the way we power the world. We believe that there’s a better way to scale renewable energy by building an outstanding product and great relationships with our clients and partners. And we celebrate every happy customer! Thank you, Ana and Ed, for joining Blue Planet Energy on our mission to make energy awareness delightful and eliminate the use of fossil fuels.