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The Microgrid

The VERGE microgrid is the world’s largest temporary microgrid demonstrating the power, resilience, and efficiency of distributed energy solutions.

Each microgrid is built on-site and includes our scalable, premium energy storage solution, Blue Ion LX.

Blue Ion™ Technology Goes Beyond

Blue Ion™ is our proprietary technology thoughtfully-engineered for our energy storage solutions. Blue Ion is a highly-refined battery chemistry along with everything that encloses it. This results in very safe, reliable, and Grid Optional™ energy products,  Blue Ion HI and Blue Ion LX.

Blue Ion HI

For your home or business

Compact and mighty, our stackable system will keep your home running 24/7.

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Blue Ion LX

For your BIGGER home and business

When you need more power, our scalable solution will power your corporate headquarters and charge 10 electric trucks so you can take care of business.

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Empowering VERGE 2019

Surrounded by wildfires and amid utility public safety power shutoffs that impacted millions of Californians, the VERGE 2019 conference in Oakland, California was a beacon of energy independence.

A real-world solution to utility blackouts and climate change, Blue Planet Energy’s commercial microgrid powered the event.

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What we're powering

From Hawai'i homes to remote communities in Alaska, discover our projects paving the way and making an impact

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