Blue Ion LX
A solution for great demand
When it comes to serious energy solutions, our integrated energy storage system meets the demands of your large-scale power needs. Built in the USA, it suits on or off grid requirements for production facilities, warehouses, or your next corporate headquarters.

Our Blue Ion LX is safe, reliable, and backed by an unmatched 15-year warranty. And because oversight is critical for large-scale operations, you’ll have access to 24/7 energy usage insights and system controls through an intuitive touchscreen or web interface.

When demand is everything, the Blue Ion LX is your safest bet.

Why Choose Blue Ion LX
  • Boost the value of your investment in renewables
  • Business continuity for critical operations and controlled energy costs
  • Stores excess solar energy or adjusts to use more traditional energy sources.
  • Strategically designed for serious on or off grid operations, microgrids, and more
  • Being innovative and sustainable as a competitive advantage
Why You’ll Love Blue Ion LX
Why You’ll Love Blue Ion LX
On and Off Grid Options
-Operates heavy duty equipment, production lines, and commercial appliances
-Supports powering a facility 100% off-grid
-Ingerates solar, the grid, generators and more
Safe and Reliable
-Ferrous phosphate batteries that are the safest in the industry
-Provides continuous power for critical business operations
-15-year performance warranty.
Encourages Resilience
-Built with non-toxic batteries
-Supports electrification and decarbonization initiatives
-Air filtration system is washable and reusable
Elegant Design
-Built in the USA
-Rugged exterior made with aerospace-grade materials
-Thoughtful, modern aesthetic design
Innovative Technology
-Built-in system intelligence
-Intuitive microgrid controller touchscreen or web interface
-24/7 system operations insights
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Join a team who shares your passion for driving customers to sustainable energy choices while creating your own successful business along the way.