Blue Ion HI
A solution to power your evolving needs
Our Blue Ion HI energy system will transform how you feel about moving entirely off the grid. And if you’re not quite ready to take that step, our solution draws from solar, generators, utility grids and more.

Built in the USA, it’s stackable, backed by an unmatched 15-year warranty, and thoughtfully handcrafted for a sleek and modern design with a high degree of scalability to meet your ever-changing energy demands.

Whether you’re running major home appliances, powering a seaside eco resort, or even keeping coffee beans continuously roasting on an off-grid coffee farm, you can count on the Blue Ion HI for reliable power on demand.

With the Blue Ion HI, you’ll save money and reduce your impact on the environment – the right solution
for both you and the planet.

Why Choose Blue Ion HI?
  • Scalable configuration fits your dynamic physical space.
  • Expandable and powerful, with an elegant and sleek design.
  • Seamlessly switches from grid power to battery
  • Unmatched 15-year warranty
  • Reliable on-demand access to power your needs.
  • Safest battery chemistry out there. There’s nothing toxic or dangerous about it.
Why You’ll Love Blue Ion HI
Why You’ll Love Blue Ion HI
On and Off-Grid Options
-Runs major appliances for days
-Empowers you to move 100% off-grid
-Draws from solar, generators, the grid and more
Safe and Reliable
-Ferrous phosphate batteries that are the safest in the industry
-Take full advantage of your battery with 100% Depth of Discharge
-15-year performance warranty.
Encourages Resilience
-Built with non-toxic chemistry
-Flexible to meet changing needs
-Supports electrification and decarbonization initiatives
Elegant Design
-Built in the USA
-Rugged exterior made with aerospace-grade materials
-Thoughtful, modern aesthetic design
-Built-in system intelligence
-Intuitive software web interface
-24/7 energy usage insights
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24/7 Monitoring
Namaka, the communications solution integrated with your Blue Ion HI system provides real-time system insights.

Accesible anywhere via web browser, you can read fleet view, system state of charge, load data, just to name a few.
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