Our Story
Our founder believed in the simple notion of people helping others to become energy independent.
With Blue Planet Energy’s energy storage options, people were liberated from the whims of energy companies and became free from the uncertainty of an archaic grid. A movement was born.

Today we are led by a world-class team of industry experts and provide reliable, proven solutions for homes, businesses and humanitarian energy projects.
Our energy storage systems have become an integral part of the world’s journey toward energy independence. Whether it’s improving a home’s efficiency or upgrading a city’s energy infrastructure, we are proud to partner with you to preserve our earth’s splendor for generations to come.
Story of Our Logo
With our planet on the way to a population of 10 billion people, we simply cannot waste resources. Humans must make the shift to circular processes. The burning of fossil fuels for energy creates enormous amounts of carbon dioxide as a waste product, with catastrophic consequences.

Blue Planet Energy strives to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels and enable affordable, reliable clean energy. The logo represents the tension between our current wasteful systems and the desire to complete the circle through innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and dedication.

The Japanese artist Sisyu captured this dynamic tension beautifully in our logo. Sisyu is a calligraphy artist recognized by the Japanese government. Her work combines the traditional calligraphy art form with a new perspective and has been displayed at the Louvre and been recognized with many prestigious awards.
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