Hurricane Season Is Here
Be Prepared.
Be Energy Independent.

Every year, destructive hurricanes disrupt our lives with power outages. For some, weeks, and for others it could be months.

Continue powering through life with our microgrid energy solution.

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What is a Microgrid + How Does it Work?

In a solar-plus-storage microgrid system, homeowners can generate their own electricity by converting sunlight into energy through the solar panels on their roof. The home uses this energy to power appliances like a refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., then stores the excess energy in batteries for later use.

Benefits of a


Day or night, solar-plus-storage microgrids deliver reliable, clean energy regardless of disruptions to the local electric grid. Rest easy knowing the needs of your home and family will continually be met.

Lower Energy Costs

Stop paying high energy bills for unreliable power. Generating your own electricity through solar will save you money each month, as you now consume less power that you have to purchase from your utility company.

Long-Term Sustainability

Leveraging the power of the sun, your microgrid reduces your household’s carbon footprint by relying on clean, renewable resources. The environment, and future generations, thank you.

Real People

Real Stories of Resilience

Energy Independence and Long-Term Savings for Homeowners in Mexico
After the last major hurricane struck Baja California Sur, Mexico, many residents lost power for over thirty days.
Elaine Invests in Energy Independence After Hurricane Maria
Elaine considered herself more fortunate than others having lost power for only 22 days, yet the traumatic experience is what drove her to invest in renewable energy.
Saving $18K a Year and Peace of Mind
Homeowners of the Enclave project invested in a solar-plus-battery system to become energy resilient and gain peace of mind knowing that their household would always have power, even if a catastrophic event like Hurricane Maria happens again.

Our Solution

Better for the Planet. The Best for You.

Choosing the right technology for your solar-plus-storage microgrid can seem daunting at first, but there is a reason Blue Planet Energy’s battery storage solutions have been installed by thousands of homeowners throughout hurricane-prone regions.

Why Coose


15-year warranty and never worry about the performance of your system or scheduling routine inspections.

Safe, Reliable Blue Ion Technology

Certified to the highest standards of safety and built to power your home for decades to come.

Custom System Sizing

Whether you need 16 kW, 128 kW, or somewhere in between, every system is designed to meet your home’s energy demands.

Low Physical Footprint

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces while still maintaining maximum energy capacity.

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