The Future of Homeowners
There’s no place like home. Especially your home.
When it comes to powering your home, your choices also showcase your personal values.

To that end, we’ve developed one of the most versatile and dynamic energy storage systems around. It works on or off grid and it’s made with your lifestyle in mind.

Blue Ion For Homeowners
  • Unmatched 15-year warranty
  • Meet your home’s high-power demands
  • Easily expandable as your home’s power needs evolve
  • Zero maintenance and safe battery chemistry
  • Long life expectancy brings greatest long-term value
  • Versatile configuration fits your physical space needs
Why You’ll Love Blue Planet Energy

On or Off-Grid Option
-Runs major appliances for days
-Empowers you to move 100% off-grid
-Draws from solar, generators, the grid and more

Safe and Reliable
-Ferrous phosphate batteries that can’t overheat
-Self-cooling battery chemistry
-15-year no questions asked warranty. We don’t believe in fine print.

Encourages Resilience
-Built with non-toxic chemistry
-Flexible to meet changing needs
-Supports electrification and decarbonization initiatives

Elegant Design
-Built in the USA
-Rugged exterior made with aerospace-grade materials
-Thoughtful, modern aesthetic design

Innovative Technology
-Built-in system intelligence
-Intuitive software web interface
-24/7 energy usage insights
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