Hurricane Season Disrupts Our Communities
Together, We Endure + Empower

Every year, hurricane-causing power outages disrupt our communities and everyday life. Critical services such as emergency shelters, schools, and hospitals can be greatly impacted.

We want to prevent this. Let’s partner and keep communities – and life – running with reliable and clean energy solutions.

Real Communities

Real Stories of Resilience

Enabling Community Water Security in Puerto Rico
In Barrio Rabanal, Blue Planet Energy’s battery system integrates battery storage, solar, and a backup generator to provide independent power for the community water system when the utility grid fails.
Partnering with Engineers Without Borders to Power a Children’s Shelter
With these non-toxic batteries, the shelter will be able to maintain power during the area’s frequent power outages without concern for fire issues near the children.
Schools Become Resilience Hubs
After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, the American Red Cross implemented over one hundred solar-plus-storage school microgrids in each of Puerto Rico’s seventy-eight municipalities.

Our Solution

Better for the Planet. The Best for Your Community.

Choosing the right technology for a solar-plus-storage microgrid can seem daunting at first, but there is a reason Blue Planet Energy’s battery storage solutions have been installed by many communities throughout hurricane-prone regions.

Why Coose


15-year warranty and never worry about the performance of your system or scheduling routine inspections.

Safe, Reliable Blue Ion Technology

Certified to the highest standards of safety and built to power communities for decades to come.

Custom System Sizing

Whether you need 16 kW, 128 kW, or somewhere in between, every system is designed to meet your energy demands.

Low Physical Footprint

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces while still maintaining maximum energy capacity.

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