The Future of Community Resilience
Energy and hope for communities in need
In recent years, natural disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes have left many lacking for shelter, food, water, and electricity.

Responding to communities in need, our team has shown a level of commitment and compassion that goes way beyond providing energy storage products. Our mission-driven approach to business is one of the most important aspects of who we are.

Blue Ion for Community Resilience
  • We have worked side-by-side with local officials, relief workers and volunteers to develop community resilience projects.
  • Our experience navigating the complexities of diverse environments, we are uniquely qualified to bring power to communities in need. Our products and dedicated team has repeatedly proven to be the perfect solution for critical infrastructure projects. With a high degree of flexibility, the system interfaces with renewables, generators and the grid to provide the widest range of energy options.
  • Continuous power for critical emergency and healthcare services using on- and off-grid energy sources has proven invaluable for communities to thrive.
Why You’ll Love Blue Planet Energy

On or Off-Grid Option
-Integrates solar, generator, the grid and more
-Accesses and stores energy on and off-grid
-Supports communities shifting to 100% off-grid

Uniquely Qualified Partners
-Experienced team powering critical emergency and medical services
-Protocols for engaging officials, relief orgs and volunteers
-On-site crisis management in USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more

Safe and Reliable
-Battery chemistry can’t overheat
-Uses self cooling battery chemistry
-15-year no questions asked warranty. We don’t believe in fine print.

Environmentally Friendly
-Ferrous phosphate batteries are non-toxic
-Flexible to meet changing needs
-Supports electrification and decarbonization initiatives

Elegant Design
-Built in the USA
-High-performance coating for reliability and longevity
-Thoughtful, modern aesthetic design

Innovative Technology
-Easy-to-use web interface
-Intuitive software interface
-24/7 energy usage insights
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