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Essential businesses are the lifeblood of communities across California, especially in times of crisis. Unfortunately, wildfire season also means disruption to business operations, forcing businesses to shutter and taking a huge bite out of the bottom line.

Business owners need affordable energy options that safeguard them from grid outages and can be implemented immediately without financial burden.

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The Solution

Solar panels paired with reliable battery storage and microgrids


Reduce your electricity bills and
control your energy costs


Avoid costly outages with a safe, reliable, and flexible energy system


Lower your carbon footprint while building your eco-conscious brand

Solar-Plus-Storage Microgrids

How they work for California businesses

Your business is essential. So is the energy that powers it. Get educated about what solar-plus-storage systems and microgrids are, how they work, and what sets Blue Planet Energy apart.
Zero-Down Financing

For immediate clean energy savings

Our goal is to give you clean, reliable electricity and save you money from day one. With our Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA), you can achieve the economic and environmental benefits of a solar-plus-storage system with no capital outlay.

This model allows you to spread equipment costs across fixed monthly installments and to receive a discounted rate on the energy generated by the system.

We’ll also take care of operations and maintenance at no extra cost.
Microgrids at Work in California Businesses
Read how this Santa Cruz-based business declared grid independence and cut its electricity bills to $0 with a solar-plus-storage microgrid.

Is a Solar-Plus-Storage System

Right for Your Business?

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Financing FAQ

What is an hPPA? A Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA) allows the Customer to pay for both the electricity generated by the solar array as well as the benefits and services provided by the battery storage system. The solar hPPA payments are variable depending on actual solar energy production and the battery hPPA payments are fixed depending on the capacity of the battery system.

What is the length of the hPPA term? How about extensions? Our hPPA has a 20-year initial term, with optional short-term extensions of 5 years.

What happens at the end of the hPPA term? At the end of the initial term, the Customer has the option to purchase the system at fair market value, which will be determined by a third-party appraiser.

What is the minimum project size? 200 kWdc of solar and 125 kW/128 kWh of battery storage, generator can be included.

Who can I contact if I have questions? If you have more questions about our financing options, email

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