Blue Ion Founder Hits 1,000 Cycle Milestone

In 2014, Blue Planet Energy founder and CEO Henk Rogers made the forward-looking decision to take his Honolulu, Hawaii home off-grid. His roof-top solar array charges a 60 kWh Blue Ion battery system that he developed. For the past five years, this system has provided his vibrant, multigenerational residence with reliable, high-quality, renewably-sourced electricity. In addition to an array of household appliances, the system also powers chargers for the family’s BMW and Tesla electric vehicles. “My search for the best battery technology has paid off,” says Rogers. “I’m proud that my company is providing this safe, efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally benign energy storage technology to our customers.”

The Blue Ion energy storage system uses fire-safe, non-toxic Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) battery cells that do not require active cooling like most home or business-scale lithium-ion battery products. Optimized for both high-performance and longevity, Blue Planet Energy backs its Blue Ion system with the industry’s strongest performance warranty: 15-years or 8,000 cycles. On May 31, Henk’s first-generation Blue Ion battery system completed its 1,000th cycle of seamless operation.

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Each year, Henk and the Blue Planet Energy family celebrate his home’s independence from the utility grid on July 4—Energy Independence Day. After five years of living with the energy storage system he pioneered and passing the system’s 1,000 cycle milestone, Henk reflects, “I was confident that our battery system would be an excellent solution for homes and businesses. Today, I think the Blue Ion technology will have a far-reaching impact on humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief and help provide clean energy to the nearly 1-billion people globally that do not have access to electricity.”